We’re in a New York state of mind!

The Practice recently hit The Big Apple, which you can read all about it our previous post! We’re really enamored with New York as a place of creativity and business, so today, we consider how the city’s always been a place of focus for numerous advertising campaigns.


To the small screen: Why we’re going mobile!

We’ve been a little preoccupied with the Olympics, as our latest posts would indicate! But earlier last month, The Practice explored how mobile usage is enhancing the in-store shopping experience. With the interesting news of the collaboration between Starbucks and Square, today we look at how the mobile space will become increasingly important for marketers and consumers alike.


This is Britain: A Triumph for Diversity

What a weekend for British pride! Team GB are literally worth their weight in gold, scooping an incredibly impressive six gold medals on ‘Super Saturday’. At The Practice, we’re ecstatic with their success and can’t wait to see what impending sponsorship deals come their way.


Olympics Sponsors: It’s not the taking part that counts!

Are major Olympics sponsors wasting their efforts? At The Practice, we’re finding it hard to ignore the provocative ambush marketing campaigns of non-sponsors. The question is, are their efforts being better received than those of the official brands?


The Olympics: Design Revisited

Ready, Set, Go!  At The Practice, we’re gearing up for The Olympics and have been keeping our eyes peeled for the latest design, adverts and digital offerings to celebrate the festivities. But what about vintage Olympics advertisement posters? Today, we consider our favourites and examine how these have evolved over time. 

Olympics Poster

The New Retail Experience: Like it, Scan it, Buy it

In our last post, we at The Practice examined the way in which traditional advertising methods successfully incorporate social media. But today, we consider how brands are driving further retail engagement through their store window displays and in store mobile interaction.


When Past and Present Collide: Advertising and Social Media

At The Practice, we love seeing companies embrace modernity through innovation. Recently, brands have upped the ante by giving their traditional advertising methods the 21st Century treatment. Now, YouTube is home to the on-screen advert, and once dull billboards and shop fronts have had a technological makeover, thanks to social media. 


Milking it: Brands and Twitter

In our last post, we at The Practice considered digital advertising via social media site, Twitter, in light of Nike’s campaign ban. With so much margin for error, today we look at how brands should use Twitter successfully. 


Twitter and Advertising: The Grey Area

The recent news of Wayne Rooney’s Twitter blunder left us at The Practice with some food for thought. Last week, we considered Olympics advertising in relation to strict company regulations. To follow, we’re interested in digital advertising through social media in light of Nike’s campaign ban. 


The Olympics: Are rights being infringed?

At The Practice, we like to think that advertising is a shared medium between brands and consumers. What we’re exposed to digitally or otherwise, should be controlled without hurting free expression. So we were surprised to learn of the stringent marketing restrictions in place in the wake of this summer’s Olympic Games.