The New Retail Experience: Like it, Scan it, Buy it

In our last post, we at The Practice examined the way in which traditional advertising methods successfully incorporate social media. But today, we consider how brands are driving further retail engagement through their store window displays and in store mobile interaction.


When Past and Present Collide: Advertising and Social Media

At The Practice, we love seeing companies embrace modernity through innovation. Recently, brands have upped the ante by giving their traditional advertising methods the 21st Century treatment. Now, YouTube is home to the on-screen advert, and once dull billboards and shop fronts have had a technological makeover, thanks to social media. 


Milking it: Brands and Twitter

In our last post, we at The Practice considered digital advertising via social media site, Twitter, in light of Nike’s campaign ban. With so much margin for error, today we look at how brands should use Twitter successfully. 


Twitter and Advertising: The Grey Area

The recent news of Wayne Rooney’s Twitter blunder left us at The Practice with some food for thought. Last week, we considered Olympics advertising in relation to strict company regulations. To follow, we’re interested in digital advertising through social media in light of Nike’s campaign ban. 


Facebook’s message to companies is clear-cut: Don’t like it? Then go somewhere else!

This week at The Practice, we’re interested in social media and the digital marketing space; Facebook in particular is the focus of our attention.


In Fashion: How we consume media today

This week at The Practice, our thoughts turn to the fashion industry and how the runway experience in particular has transformed. There’s now the added dimension of interactivity between fashion show attendees, fans and consumers due to the presence of social media platforms. Images are tweeted and videos are uploaded, all in real time.


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