Brand reputation

Brand experience
There are many factors which impact on a brand’s reputation. Fortunately most of those are within the control of the brand owners. However the most critical impact on brand reputation lies with your customers.

Being aware of what your customer thinks and how they respond to your product or service is essential to the health and success of your brand.

Living the brand
It is recognised that an organisation’s corporate reputation is affected by the actions of every business unit, department and employee that comes into contact with another stakeholder. However, the means by which employees can be directed or encouraged to “live the brand” is vital. The management actions that are required if employees are to support and enhance your brand reputation are pivotal. The Practice can advise how you can encourage commitment, enthusiasm and consistent staff behaviour in delivering your brand values.

Brand performance
Retaining your customer’s loyalty is a major strategic objective and focus in marketing. Brand reputation is a major driver of customer loyalty, and hence companies seek to increase the equity of their brands. Quality affects not only customer satisfaction, but also the reputation of the brand. Thus, both brand reputation and customer satisfaction are important determinants of customer loyalty. The Practice believes that brand reputation is the strongest driver of customer loyalty compared with customer satisfaction.

“A reputation for a thousand years may depend upon the conduct of a single moment.”
Ernest Bramah