Is cyber-bullying on the rise?

Trolling has generally been regarded as an inevitable part of the social media world. But are bullies taking their actions one step too far?

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What’s new in online video?

Video is fast becoming the primary way many of us consume news and entertainment. And tech companies are capitalising on this with recent developments.

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A Google-Snapchat alliance on the cards?

It’s clear that Snapchat is still attractive to buyers, despite the likes of Instagram rising quickly in popularity. 

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Twitter: Time to simplify advertising?

Sponsored Twitter campaigns can often be complicated to manage, and costly too. But this might be resolved thanks to the company’s new offering.

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Facebook ads – is there a limit?

Facebook has recently been testing sponsored content in Messenger, showing display ads to a select number of users on the app’s main page. These, the company hopes, may roll out to further users worldwide, and shown in between chat conversations. 

facebook messenger ads

Facebook: Empowering communities

Facebook has recently changed its mission statement, and with it, has slightly shifted its overarching focus- from global connectedness, to global togetherness.

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Paid social: 5 steps to creating a sponsored campaign

We at The Practice are firm believers in crafting valuable organic content. But in today’s competitive online environment, a paid boost is often needed.


Social media for recruitment

Today, it’s not enough to just use jobs sites for seeking new hires, or by simply creating a set of compelling job listings for your company website. To access a top pool of talent, businesses are turning to social media.

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The Practice and Lexus: Imagination to reality

Recently, The Practice team was fortunate to take on one of the most unique and exciting projects we’ve been involved with this year.


How can businesses prevent cybercrime?

The recent cyber-attack on the NHS has shown that even our largest and most robust organisations can fall victim. Leaving no sector or business safe regardless of size, what key steps can companies take to prevent future attacks?