Social media for recruitment

Today, it’s not enough to just use jobs sites for seeking new hires, or by simply creating a set of compelling job listings for your company website. To access a top pool of talent, businesses are turning to social media.

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The Practice and Lexus: Imagination to reality

Recently, The Practice team was fortunate to take on one of the most unique and exciting projects we’ve been involved with this year.


How can businesses prevent cybercrime?

The recent cyber-attack on the NHS has shown that even our largest and most robust organisations can fall victim. Leaving no sector or business safe regardless of size, what key steps can companies take to prevent future attacks?


Instagram’s mobile site: a revelation for global users?

Instagram has recently launched one of its biggest updates yet- enabling users to now post images directly from its mobile website. 


The benefits of automation tools for B2B companies

Marketing automation is a trend that’s been growing rapidly for the last five years. Businesses know that they can no longer solely rely on a manual or organic approach to generating leads and driving sales.


Is email a thing of the past in today’s workplace?

Efficient internal communication is at the core of every business’s day to day operations. Without a robust and agreed method in place, it can be easy for conversations to be forgotten, and tasks not to be actioned in a timely manner.


April app roundup: What’s made our list this month?

It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed the latest apps on the market. So which have attracted our attention of late?


Read all about it! Facebook updates Instant Articles

Facebook is taking further measures to facilitate the needs of its publishing partners, with the launch of two helpful new features.  


How can brands use Instagram Stories creatively?

With the Stories format on social media quickly eclipsing the traditional News feed, brands now have the chance to engage their audiences on an interactive level like never before.


Twitter for business: The best customer-centric platform?

At The Practice, Twitter is perhaps our preferred platform for consumer brands, with its immediate nature perfect for a host of clever marketing activities. With recent updates designed to help businesses, how can brands enhance their Twitter presence further?