Widening our horizons: Across the Pond and beyond!

As all businesses know, it’s great to work on projects both at home and abroad. At The Practice, we love the idea of having an international outreach. So while we’re firmly a UK-based agency, we’re still very much excited by our latest business ventures in none other than The Big Apple. 

‘We have been on the ground in NYC for the last few weeks identifying resource, recruiting and seeking office space. We won business in NYC in April, enabling The Practice to set up its first US base. In 2013 we anticipate opening another office on the west coast. Exciting times ahead!’ said Kirsty McAllister, Director of Digital and Head of The Practice NYC.

When it comes to helping and advising our clients, we’ve been lucky enough to have worked across the most diverse of sectors and locations. We’ve provided companies with their requirements every step of the way, whether that’s been in online reputation management, rebranding, website design, or social media. Now, we’re thrilled to bring our expertise to a new American audience!

We’ve worked in the US before, developing international marketing strategies for one of our clients, No1 Central Park, whereby we created a microsite, brochure, bespoke mailings, as well as viral and online marketing tools. But we just can’t seem to tear ourselves away from the New York scene and find ourselves back on familiar turf in line with our latest projects.

This comes in the form of our exciting new US-based client, Bioceutica, a leading skincare and nutritional product company. The Practice set to work rebranding and designing an updated Ecommerce site, and now, they’re rapidly expanding their client-base throughout the US.

And of course, we couldn’t be happier that we’re expanding into one of the most business-focused cities in the world. On another note, we’re satisfying our love for all things NY by regularly indulging in the finest baked cheesecake and Reuben sandwiches! Let’s just hope it’s only our business ventures that expand, not our waistlines! Well, when in Rome…

We hope you can all stay tuned with news of our latest developments. And we’d love to hear your top tips for making the most of all New York has to offer! Why not send us your suggestions by tweeting to us @PracticeDigital and joining in the conversation on Facebook.