Customer relationship management: Nurturing your leads

It goes without saying that managing customer relations is a crucial aspect for ensuring the success of your brand. The consumer lifecycle is one that must be continuously nurtured if businesses want to retain advocates. And this is equally as important for customer acquisition.


Messenger Day: Another Snapchat replica?

Yet another big feature will soon be making its way to Facebook. Just last week, the platform announced the upcoming release of Messenger Day, Facebook Messenger’s answer to Snapchat Stories.


Should you use paid social?

Cost-per-click on paid search ads is reportedly at an all-time high, meaning brands are having to reassess where they spend their marketing budgets. For some, this means a greater focus on social media advertising.


International Women’s Day: The power of trending events

Wednesday’s International Women’s Day saw individuals and brands share their thoughts and campaigns online. We round-up the best of the day’s activity, and ask- how can brands incorporate trending events into their marketing strategies?


How can businesses update their LinkedIn strategy?

LinkedIn is at the forefront of social media marketing for most B2Bs, as well as B2Cs looking to discover new recruits and customer insights. With the platform rapidly evolving both design-wise and in terms of features, how can businesses take advantage this year and beyond?

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4 tips for creating your video strategy

Video will account for 69% of online video traffic this year according to analysts at Cisco. We’ve long known that video is the future of visual content, so with this in mind, how can brands create a strategy that gets their work seen and engaged with?


Social media listening: Our top platforms

With social media now such a vast area, it can be difficult for brands to manually track their presence and growth. That’s why we always recommend software that will help our clients monitor and automate their activity, and engage where and when it matters. Today, we’re looking at the best tools brands can use for social listening.


Should you outsource to a creative agency?

When starting your new brand project or business, it can be tempting to create and implement your strategy, branding and marketing in-house. After all, it’s your vision, and it’s natural to want to remain in the driver’s seat.


Fashion week: From digital shows to wearable tech

The fashion industry has continued to find innovative ways to evolve when it comes to pleasing its tech-savvy consumers. From VR to style-led wearables, which new projects have been launched at Fashion Week this year?


Facebook: Taking on the job market

Facebook is clearly on track to becoming the one-stop platform for all types of content. From taking on the likes of YouTube and Instagram to prioritise video, to eBay with Facebook Marketplace, the site has been keen to diversify.